Saturday, 26 May 2012

Why is Uganda called The Pearl of Africa?

The Pearl of Africa was a nickname based on Uganda's alluring features which included rolling emeralds hills, shimmering lakes, snow capped grand mountain ranges,  misty forests and deep, and impenetrable forests where chimpanzees and mountain gorillas roamed wild and free, and most importantly her people. The "Pearl of Africa" was how Winston Churchill, moved by Uganda's great beauty, declared it when he visited in 1907. Later in 1908, in his book 'My African Journey', Churchill made it official and thus the nickname the ''Pearl of Africa" was adopted.

When visitors visit Uganda, they fall in love with her breathtaking Rift Valley scenery, lush countryside and incredible biodiversity. On their journey, some track our closest relatives, the Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees, some venture on safari to see the Elephants, Big Cats and incredible 1,000 and some species of birds, and other just lie by the poolside overlooking the fabulous River Nile.
Ugandans love to meet and greet new people – the country’s crafts, dance and community tourism intrigue and delight the visitors.
"Somebody once said that if you planted a walking stick overnight in the soil of Uganda, it would take root before morning dawned. Of all Africa's safari destinations, this is the most fertile. It's also the best destination in Africa for seeing a variety of primate species – visitors can spot more than ten types of monkey including mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. And if primate enthusiasts are found wandering round with imbecile grins, Uganda's birds have ornithologists doing cartwheels: more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded here making Uganda, in practical terms, the finest birdwatching destination in Africa. Moreover, in Uganda's premier savanna reserves, one can be almost certain of encountering lions, elephants and buffaloes" -Bradt

Lake Victoria: the 3rd largest lake in the world

Another shot of Lake Victoria and a bird

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