Sunday, 27 May 2012

First Week in Kampala

My impression of Uganda before coming here was basically similar to that of  most Westerners after the “Invisible Children” aka the “KONY” video went vital on facebook, youtube, and other social networks. I knew of Uganda and actually knew where it is located geographically because I was forced to memorize the geography of all 50 plus (54 I think) African countries in elementary school. Other than its geography, I knew nothing about the country; well, until I was introduced to the KONY video on facebook sometime in March 2012. After watching the video, began generate preconceived ideas of what Uganda was like. I began to imagine Uganda has a dangerous, unstable, and inhuman place to be, well at least for children. The reaction I got when I informed my family and friends that I was going to spend the summer (3 months) in Uganda didn’t really help either. In fact, it made things worst. I began to second-guess my decision of choosing Uganda as the site for my research project. HOWEVER, my bad impression of the country took a 180-degree-turn when I got here on the 23rd of May, 12 and discovered how beautiful it is here.

The Tropical Climate and its white&bluish sky that sits right on top of the beautiful green trees&plants simply blew me away. I fell in loveJ
Kampala is built on 7 hills, I am on top  of one, overlooking the city

Background Info:
Lake Victoria: the Uganda side
Uganda lies on the elevated basin which rises between the eastern and western branches of the Great Rift Valley. Most of the country is over 1,000 meters in altitude, and according to what I have read, it is topographically flat. With the exception of the semi-desert in the extreme northeast, most of Uganda is supposedly well watered and fertile. Nearly 25% of the country’s surface is covered by water (Oh WOW! That’s exactly what I said). Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the world’s second largest lake is shared by Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya. In addition to the Lake Victoria, Uganda is covered by other lakes including, Lake Albert (which I plan to visit), Lake Edward, Lake George, and many others.

The climate here is just amazing. It is much cooler and dryer compared to Gambia where I spent my summer last year. The highest it ever gets here I guess is 20-27 degrees Celsius and the  lowest 12-18 deg. Celsius. I guess this equatorial climate is tempered by the countries elevated altitude. 
By the way, the capital of Uganda is Kampala

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