Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some Photos (of the people I've met, things i've seen, and places I've been)

At a picnic with some friends
My cousin Christelle, Monique, and Elizabeth and I. I had just met them for the first time in my life. I found out they were visiting Kampala the same time I was there so I decided to look for them.
Cousin Christel and I
We had such a chemistry. Family love
My neighbor. I never asked his name but I wanted his hat:)
My neighbor and his older son
My neighbor's little girls. They are Adorable


Probably the smallest truck I've ever seen

Almost all big houses in Uganda have Orange roofs. It must be a symbol for richness

Lake Victoria in Mengo

The National Catholic Church/Cathedral

Dorothy's sister and I

Public toilet. By the way, Here in Uganda, there's an entrance fee for public bathrooms. You have to pay in order to use them.

Gosh, I was so afraid to use it.  I thought bacteria would jump in me

Downtown Kampala

Kampala traffic

I was at a music open-mic type of thing
Every Sun, Mon, and Wed, the National Theater hosts a show for local musicians and poets who want to showcase their talents

My Ugandan friend Irene and I at a music Jam

I was going to the Mosque right on top of the hill....The Gaddafi Mosque

The Gaddafi/National MosqueIt is located in Kampala along old Kampala road opposite old Kampala secondary school, the original plans of this mosque where designed during Idi Amin era but the sight laid dominant for a long time until 2003 when the President of Libya-Gaddafi, stepped in to fund the whole project from the beginning. 
It's court yard is enormous and so extensive, neat and well maintained, with a vast parking space. A well trimmed hedge runs around the entire landscape making the place look very natural and attractive from a distance.
It's inner part is spotlessly clean and well polished, the stainless glass on it's ceiling made of blue, yellow and green colours helps to light the mason with a mixer of beautiful and lovely colours bringing a sense of holiness and peace in the place.
This mason is a true definition of beauty and greatness. It was designed to hold 10,000, but can actually hold way more than that.
I had to cover myself before going in. They actually put veil and the wrapper on me:)

The tour guide took me up the Minaret (tower of 120 flight of stairs). I could see the whole Kampala from uptair

The National Museum. It was so pretty outside

Learning how to play local instruments

My aunt. I had just me her for the first time as well.

The Equator goes right through Uganda. We crossed it on our way to mbarara

Dr. Nabukera (my mentor) and I

Delicious wine (Cabernet) from South Africa

Oh yes, I was enjoying it very much


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